An active contractor is anyone who has been paid within the last calendar month.

This term includes anyone who is contracting for a company and receives a 1099-MISC form instead of a W-2. These contractors are responsible for covering their own taxes and insurance and are not in-house employees. 

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Not yet. We are working to finish building out an API post-launch for others to use the CrewPay API to integrate W-9 collection, payments, 1099s and more with the data in your platform. If you have something special in mind to discuss, please contact us here

CrewPay's technical team has decades of experience building secure financial systems for banks and credit unions. CrewPay is built with these same standards — as well as leveraging Dwolla's bank-level security platform.

You'll get charged at the moment of use for any ACH transactions. Any contractors that are paid during the month will have their fees added to your consolidated monthly invoice.

Accounts are charged on the first of the month. You will receive a billing statement with a total of all transactions and active contractors. 1099 filings are billed and added to your January invoice. 

To access your invoices, log into your CrewPay account and go to billing.