The last few weeks have changed things for 2020. Businesses and independent contractors are faced with unexpected volatility and distraction.

And as entrepreneurs like you, distraction is the opposite of what you need right now. It's time to focus.

​We want to help. ​

Starting today through June (at least), CrewPay is free to use for businesses. $0 transaction fees. $0 active contractor fees.

If you're already a customer, we'll take care of this for you — no action is needed. If you're not a customer yet and want to sign up and start using CrewPay for free, click here.  

​We want to help you focus on your business, paying your people, and getting back to positive momentum.



In addition, here are a few resources curated with you in mind to help you think, take a breath and focus on long-term sustainability and growth.


We hope you and your family stay safe and well. We are staying positive and know we will get through this. In the meantime, please know the CrewPay team has your back and is free to use so you can focus.


If you know anyone who could benefit from using CrewPay to manage and pay their independent contractors for free, please share this post with them. They can sign up using the code SPRING2020. 

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