Pay contractors the easy way

With CrewPay, you can streamline managing and paying your 1099 contractors.

Here’s what contractor payments with CrewPay look like:


Invite your contractors

Getting contractors on board is as easy
as sending them an email. CrewPay will
set them up with their account. This
means less hand-holding for you.


Create a payment

Choose who you want to pay, add the
amount and click submit. CrewPay will
securely send the money to the contractor.
It’s fast and easy-to-use.


Decide what to do with the extra time

CrewPay will manage all of your contractor
payables. Win back hours of productivity
every month to do more of what you want.

Why Businesses Choose CrewPay

Reduce Paperwork

After a simple onboarding, payments go directly into the worker’s account.

Stay Compliant

Avoid fees and IRS notices by having proper documentation.

Gain Clarity

Know who needs to be paid, who’s been paid and how much.

Work Smarter

Win back hours of productivity every month to do more of what you want.

Scale Effortlessly

Manage dozens to thousands of contractors with zero coding.

Build Loyalty

Automated notifications and payment tracking create trust with your workers.

You could be losing $10,000 per year

If you’re spending hours every week managing your 1099 contractor payments with spreadsheets, writing checks or online banking software, you could be losing over $700 per month lost opportunity. Sign up with CrewPay today and win that time back.


Is CrewPay Secure?

CrewPay's technical team has decades of experience building secure financials systems for organizations like Piedmont Advantage Credit Union, Member Advantage Mortgage and others. CrewPay is built with these same standards -- as well as leveraging Dwolla's bank-level security platform.

What is a 1099 Independent Contractor?

This term includes anyone who is contracting for a company and receives a 1099-MISC form instead of a W-2. These contractors are responsible for covering their own taxes and insurance and are not in-house employees.

Who is behind CrewPay?

We’re a team of experienced product people from Honestly, Augusto Digital and Blaze Studios who build, optimize and market B2B and consumer-facing software applications for a living. In the past few years, we’ve successfully launched over 40 digital products for clients in North America.

What's next?

Our current roadmap includes a next day ACH, CrewPay API, Quickbooks and Xero integration, and a done-for-you 1099 service.

Do you have an API?

Not yet. We are working to finish building out an API post-launch for others to use the CrewPay API to integrate W-9 collection, payments, 1099s and more with the data in your platform.